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about three years to tear it all down, they tell us. they will go from west to east tarting with the "s" curve. i got kind of attached to it after the last couple of years. that's coming out. it will be a painstaking process for sure. >> right now, this is a highly strong and stressed system. and when we start deconstructing it, we're going to start taking members down from this system and the first member we take out and all of a sudden the system isn't there anymore. >> reporter: yeah. crews will be working with the original bridge blueprints during the deconstruction process. they need to know exactly how it went up and that's the way they will take it down. they will just kind of reverse engineer that thing and then pull it all apart kind of like a huge erector set. it's going to look weird because there's a portion that's not going to be supported for a few months and that should be something for photographers to get a good look at. so over here on yerba buena island, as i say, you can see a lot of work going on. there are trucks going up and down. it's just an out sight to look ea
of the bag. frito-lay the maker of the chips assured us they would investigate if young sent in the plastic piece. a few days la -- >> they did say it came off the assembly line. >> reporter: a quick resolution that came with a gesture of goodwill, a big box of chips and $75 worth of gift certificates. frito-lay doesn't stay how the machine part fell off in the factory but consumerwatch researched it and found what happened here is rare. but it's not rare to complain and get free stuff. companies don't want to lose loyal customers with valid complaints. >> please accept the enclosed gift box with any inconvenience you may have experienced. >> reporter: false claims can get you sued. california law allows manufacturers and restaurants to sue unscrupulous consumers. as for the bill, he just wanted to make sure the problem was solved and no one bit into any plastic parts. now, if you have a consumer complaint, call our hotline at 888-5-helps-u. >>> all right, folks. almost football time. want to give you the forecast for the weekend and beyond. we have a thunderstorm chance coming up. live t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2